Almond’s technology provides financial institutions with near-instant FX settlement across borders, consistently beating mid-market rates.

Financial institutions can reach more customers by joining the industry's most powerful international funds transfer network.

Almond partners with institutions worldwide to dismantle financial barriers and drive financial inclusion

Almond operates in 15 countries across APAC, North America, Africa and Latin America

Serving financial institutions across 4 regions and rapidly expanding

Money Transmitters
Remittance Companies
Better rates

Better rates via settlement cost optimization

Just-in-time settlements

Near real-time settlements

Around the clock availability

Transfers available 24/7/365 powered by blockchain

Inherent redundancies

Multiple routing options eliminating single points of failure

Trusted providers
for fund transfers
No setup or
download required
Accessible finance
in emerging markets

We transform how money moves

Embrace a future where your institution can guarantee customers fast, affordable, and transparent cross-border transactions. Discover the Almond advantage today.

Security and compliance

From advanced encryption technologies to rigorous data protection protocols, we ensure your transactions are fast, secure, and safe. Join Almond and experience peace of mind, knowing your financial operations are guarded by industry-leading security measures. At Almond, security and compliance are foundational to our mission of fostering secure and transparent cross-border payments.

Secure Government and Privacy Standards

Platform built on industry’s strictest global governance, privacy and security standards

Strict KYB Compliance In Almond Network

Rigorous Know Your Business (KYB) policy ensures all Almond Network Members are fully licensed in their jurisdictions, including full AML/CTF/Sanctions compliance

Comprehensive Regulatory Alignment

Regulatory compliance in all jurisdictions where partners are, including regular contact with Central Banks and other regulatory authorities

Information Security

SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

Finally, credit scoring for everyone

Almond's cutting-edge risk assessment platform and data digitalization services enable financial institutions to expand their portfolios, diversify their client base, and empower the “last-mile borrower.” Embrace the potential for fast, secure, and ethical lending—including those with unconventional or limited credit histories.

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What People Are Saying

Read what people everywhere are saying about Almond.

Jesus Vicente “Vic” Garcia

President - AllBank, Philippines

We’ve been looking for a flexible credit scoring tool like Almond’s that underwrites borrowers with limited credit history. By integrating this tool into our process we were able to identify the financial risks and weaknesses of our customers and increase the confidence of our risk assessment process.

Shadab Taiyabi

President, Singapore FinTech Association

It is great to see how Almond is removing barriers between people and money through borderless financial technology. Almond comprises an innovative team and cutting-edge technology, aimed at driving financial inclusion internationally. Through their multi blockchain cross-border infrastructure, Almond is decidedly addressing challenges and driving innovation, enhancing cross-border payments' speed and transparency while reducing cost. The Almond team is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing how the business progresses.

Megan Mitchell

Associate Director, MIT Pathways for Talent

It is rewarding to see a team bring a truly innovative technology to bear for measurable impact. Almond is removing systemic friction points underpinning global access to essential financial services using an elegant approach. They’re achieving a meaningful, intelligent solution across longstanding problems.

Rebekah E Xmanuel

Director of Social Entrepreneurship, Harvard Innovation Labs

Almond FinTech is lauded for its impactful combination of social commitment and advanced technology, dedicated to removing global financial barriers and designing solutions around specific needs. The narrator admires Almond's rapid progress and real-world problem-solving approach, expressing excitement for its future developments.

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